Before you volunteer

We recommend reflecting on the following topics, when deciding to engage in volunteer work.

When choosing where you want to put your volunteer efforts, consider whether you want to spend your time doing something you’re good at, or something you would like to learn or get better at.

Many organizations are looking for volunteers with experience or academic skills in specific professional areas. Here you will be able to contribute with the skills you already have. You can also choose volunteer work that allows you to test yourself in new ways and learn something new.

Is there a particular segment of the population or an age group that you’re passionate about working with, such as children and adolescents, seniors etc.?

Take into your considerations where your boundaries are. For example if you do not like conflicts, or if you are sensitive about being around people with serious illnesses, then choose volunteer work where you can avoid this. If you are unsure about what situations your chosen volunteer work will bring, please contact us or have a chat with the organization.

Some people volunteer to support a cause they are passionate about, while others do it as part of their education – to gain practical experience or to improve their résumé. Others are driven by the desire to use their spare time doing something meaningful or to meet new people.

All motivations are equally good, but it’s important to be clear about what you expect of your volunteer work. There is a great difference in the various volunteer jobs: In some you are more in touch with the users of the organization and in others your help may be needed in more practical or organizational areas. Some organizations offer courses for you to improve your skills and others focus more on social events and the contact between their volunteers.

Consider how much time you can and will devote to volunteer work. Whether you have two hours a month or four hours a week, your efforts are welcome. But it’s important to find a volunteer work that suits your expectations in terms of time.

Some organizations expect you to commit for a longer period, such as six months or a year. This is something that is good to clarify with the organization – and be sure that you are happy to committ to – before you start.

There are special rules about volunteering, if you are receiving unemployment benefits or early retirement. For more information about this please contact us or your social worker.

Once you have found an organization you are interested in volunteering for, make time to have a personal conversation with your supervisors before you start. Ask them about the specific volunteer assignments and make sure that you have the same expectations to your efforts.

You are also very welcome to book a personalized, informal conversation about volunteering with us so we can help you along the way.

Please be aware, that we cannot help you find volunteer work if you are not already in Denmark.